Ashoka Fellow Connect March 2011 Edition

Ashoka Fellow Connect is a communication platform for Ashoka Fellows.

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Editor's message :

Dear Ashoka Fellows,

You have in your hand the second edition of FellowConnect, the magazine that endeavors to offer Ashoka Fellows in India a platform to express themselves, share knowledge and strengthen the community.

When we released the first edition of FellowConnect in September, we were happy to receive comments from you. While some of you have expressed your liking our initiative of launching a new communication platform, some have suggested ways to make it more relevant to them. We are also pleased that Ashoka Fellows are coming forward to write exclusively for their magazine. This has encouraged us to increase the number of pages. We look forward to increased participation from you
and invite you to write articles, points of view and comments. We would like to see more space being used in the magazine by Ashoka Fellows.

We are happy to bring on board three more social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows IrfanAlam, Sunanda Mane and Krishna Prasad. It is our endeavor to constantly look for those social entrepreneurs who are using innovative solutions to address urgent issues, thereby creating social change. A lot of Ashoka Fellows have regularly helped us look for these social entrepreneurs. Your nomination of candidates for Ashoka Fellows is one of our most reliable sources. We, therefore,
continue to seek your advice on potential candidates who we could consider for Ashoka Fellowship.

Ashoka believes that the next big opportunity will get created when for-profit organizations collaborate with citizen sector organizations, leveraging each other’s strengths to deliver far-reaching social change and create more inclusive economies.  We will work closely with the Ashoka Fellows in identifying these opportunities for Venture Collaborative Entrepreneurship (VCEs). With this objective in mind, Ashoka in India realized the need to identify specific areas where we
could begin to realize the emergence of VCEs. To begin with, we intend to focus on:
-    Full Economic Citizenship
-    Youth and Children
-    Rural Development
-    Rights and Inclusion

This list of VCEs is by no means either complete or exclusive. As we begin to strengthen each of these verticals and start creating an EACH revolution, we will add more spaces to which we would devote our focus. We are also aware that these VCEs are not exclusive and there will always be immense opportunities for us to look at these spaces complementing each other. At Ashoka, each of these VCEs will be steered by a competent leader. We will continue to identify leading social entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in these verticals and nominate them as Ashoka Fellows. The VCEs will work toward strengthening the Ashoka Fellow community and create opportunities for collaborations. In the process, we will build strong knowledge base in the VCEs together with the Fellows, observing pattern changes. All of these efforts, we believe, will help us realize our vision of creating an ‘Everyone a Changemaker’ world.

Ashoka FellowConnect is a communication platform created for you. We look forward to hearing from you on how to make it more relevant and useful for you.

Manoj Chandran
Director-Marketing Ashoka India