Ashoka Fellowship: Searching For Innovative Solutions In Rural India

Ashoka India invites nominations for the leading social entrepreneurs in the Rural Innovation and Farming (RIF) space. We seek to support individuals who are creating path breaking solutions to address rural problems and are committed to spreading them across the country. 

Ashoka Fellows bring in new perspectives to address existing problems. For example, Rikin Gandhi from “Digital Green” is creating a network where farmers produce and share videos with each other on agricultural practices instead of relying on government-funded knowledge transfer. This low cost method helps in capturing and sharing local knowledge and has led to an increased adoption of new practices.

Over the past 3 decades, Ashoka has supported nearly 80 entrepreneurs committed to transforming rural India. Their work covers various aspects of rural development from creating livelihoods to sustainable use of resources and building healthier communities. What unites them is the quality of their solutions and their entrepreneurial skills that ultimately make it possible for their innovation to become widely adopted across the country.  

Ashoka’s Venture team is scouting India to identify such people to make them a part of a global network of leading Social Entrepreneurs. This creates multiple opportunities for them to access resources and build collaborations necessary for their work to succeed and create national impact. 

We encourage you to Apply or Nominate candidates for the Ashoka Fellowship. The last date for applications is December 31, 2011.