Ashoka India is proud to welcome its new fellows in Delhi!

Last month, we hosted our annual Induction event in New Delhi to officially welcome and celebrate our latest cohort of 14 game-changing Fellows into our global Ashoka network. From creating volunteer networks that can help address India’s digital divide to launching an international movement of teacher changemakers, our Fellows are working in diverse sectors such as health and sanitation, disability, education, agriculture, microfinance and more. 


As they go on to change the world, we are so proud to be a part of their phenomenal, life-long journeys!


Fellows 2014


Ashoka's latest Fellows at the Induction event in New Delhi


Here’s a glimpse in to the work our Fellows are doing - 


Swapnil Chaturvedi - Swapnil is responding to the widespread practice of open defecation in urban slums by strategically influencing key emotional and rational decision-making through his organisation Samagra.


Lalitha Raghuram - Lalitha has paved the way for a new system that manages organ donation in India and delivers them to the last stage organ failure patients most in need through Mohan Foundation.


Dr. Prakasamma - Dr. Prakasamma is empowering a new cadre of nurses to combine medical knowledge and humane caring to make birthing a safe, joyful and harmonious experience for mothers and their babies through ANSWERS.


Arjun Venkataraman - Arjun is using technology and volunteerism to connect experts like lawyers, journalists and teachers to rural communities, who work on solutions together thus bridging India's digital divide through his organisation Mojo Labs.


Dr. Noorjehan Safia - Noor created India’s first national platform that empowers Muslim women to demand their rights as citizens, and reclaim male dominated spaces of decision-making, such as sharia adalats through Bharitiya Muslim Mahila Andolan.


Monira Rahman - Monira is a global pioneer in combating acid attack violence. She has led the reformation of law and policy to ensure that treatment is provided in a timely manner and acid supply is regulated through the Acid Survivors Foundation.


Pravin Khandpasole - Pravin is working with judges, police and families to create political will and social acceptance of the Victim’s Compensation Act to ensure victims and their families can access rights under the law through his organisation Disha.


Hardika Shah - Hardika is creating a new architecture to lend to the millions of small and medium enterprises without collaterals or credit history through her organisation Kinara Capital.


Akanksha Hazari - Akanksha has created a loyalty-based points system to nurture positive behaviour amongst the urban poor through her organisation m.Paani.


Sanvar Oberoi - Sanvar is building a self-sustaining ecosystem by unlocking the potential of underutilized crops and imparting new roles, skills and economic opportunities for farmers and agricultural producers through his organisation BoHeCo.


Dinesh Kumar - Dinesh is unlocking the potential economic and nutrition value of millets and is the first one to pioneer a product line that can help communities access nutritious local food through his organisation Earth 360.


Kavita Krishnamoorthy - Kavita founded Kili-Kili, an organisation that builds accessible public playgrounds where children of different levels of abilities could engage through play and build empathy towards each other.


Reshma Valliapan - Reshma is creating a culture where individuals with metal illness can become self-advocates against injustice and stigma and participate in society as active citizens through her collective Red Door.


Sharath Jeevan - By creating 'teacher-innovator' networks across India and Uganda, Sharath has launched an international movement of teacher changemakers through his organisation STIR Education.


Do visit our Fellow page to know more about all our Fellows.