Ashoka Support Network

You established a successful career, surpassed many obstacles and gained significant skills along the way. So what’s next?

You have the opportunity to join a global community of successful business people focused on changing the world. This community, the Ashoka Support Network, believes that entrepreneurs are the primary engine for economic and social change. ASN members engage with Ashoka by committing their time and resources to support the work of Ashoka’s Leading Social Entrepreneurs.

ASN members typically are successful individuals who wish to share their professional expertise and their resources with society and are concerned about achieving real impact in their social endeavors. ASN members value being in a community of like-minded individuals, in both the business and social worlds, and contribute their most prized assets - their own entrepreneurial experience and skills.

Consider joining ASN if:

  • You are enjoying the rewards of a successful business career and wish to give back to society
  • You have experience creating change and achieving impact, and wish to apply this knowledge to your philanthropic endeavor
  • You are frustrated with the traditional opportunities for philanthropic engagement
  • You want to transmit your entrepreneurial and social values to your family
  • You recognize that social entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in tackling social problems

There are several ways to engage with ASN:

  1. Sharing your knowledge: Ashoka Fellows can benefit tremendously and their work can be enhanced by sharing your knowledge, skills and critical contacts, providing access or opening doors for them to resources they need to succeed. Mentoring opportunities range from participation in problem-solving meetings bringing together groups of social and business entrepreneurs to more intensive one-on-one coaching of individual Ashoka fellows.
  2. Participating in a global community: ASN is a global and rapidly growing network. Members are invited and encouraged to take part in activities in their home countries and abroad, connecting with their ASN peers and Ashoka fellows worldwide. The network is nurtured locally through “chapters” (in cities with a larger number of ASN members). 
  3. Supporting Ashoka: This membership contribution is analogous to the 3-year commitment that Ashoka makes to its newly-elected fellows, and is designed to allow us to continue identifying and supporting innovative social entrepreneurs through our Venture Program.
  4. Exploring high-impact philanthropy: If you are interested in investing in social causes, you seek innovation and impact, and are concerned about the risks and the effectiveness of your investment, you will find that ASN can address your needs. Ashoka's rigorous election criteria, and the due diligence process it applies to each new Fellow offers you the certainty that you will be associated with the world's finest entrepreneurs and innovators. You will be offered opportunities to match your interests, whether you are interested in new models of social investment such as venture philanthropy or simply seek worthy causes to support.

The ASN is a program of Ashoka, which is a nonprofit citizen organization incorporated in the United States and in several other countries in which it operates. As such, the program responds to Ashoka's management and governing Board of Directors. The ASN program may establish Advisory Committees at the national or chapter level made up of select Ashoka leadership members as well as ASN members from around the globe to help it build effective programs and services.

Our Vision:

Ashoka has always found inspiration in business entrepreneurship and has pioneered its translation into the social realm. Through ASN we are creating an entrepreneurial community that builds business-social bridges through people. In five years we will have:

  • Built a network of 1000 business entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe to support and engage with our rapidly expanding network of 3,000 social entrepreneurs
  • Created a vibrant community for learning and sharing to achieve social impact
  • Redefined the terms of engagement between the business and social realms

If you want to know more about Ashoka Support Network contact Rajesh Varghese.

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