Fellows by Category

Muthu Velayutham orchestrates a diverse, integrated suite of development programs in rural India that enable poor communities to build wealth through coordinated business ventures and the stewardship of natural resources.

Ramya believes that to truly transform the quality of education in India, teaching as a profession needs significant impetus and transformation. She recognizes the need for it to systemically incentivise performance and provide an accelerated growth path to teachers - thus becoming a self-regulated ecosystem that inspires excellence.

Organization: Mojo Labs

Arjun is transforming communities in remote conflict areas from passive witnesses to proactive voices and forces that respond to the issues they are faced with, in their contexts. He is creating a safe channel for such communities to not only share issues among themselves and the external world but also to receive guidance on tangible solutions to their problems, to take action, and to report...

Organization: The Education Alliance

The poor quality of education in public schools is leading parents to abandon public schools and opt for private schools for their kids instead. To ensure universal access to quality education, Amitav is engineering an ecosystem design that transforms public school management towards learning outcomes.

Anu Wakhlu is helping middle-aged Indian housewives to identify the individual skills and strengths from which they can choose appropriate careers and help break down the prejudice and structural impediments to their employment. Her programs also help young people better identify educational paths and career goals and subsequently break through the barriers to their employment as well.

Organization: The Digital Study Hall

Urvashi Sahni and Randolph Wang are matching high-quality pedagogy with low-cost technology to link quality teaching in urban schools with poor rural schools, and doing it inexpensively and on a large-scale. A facilitated video-based instruction system provides flexible ways of teaching students in the face of entrenched shortages both of qualified teachers and quality educational materials....

Organization: Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh

By introducing educational reforms in government-run schools, Sonam Wangchuk is encouraging communities to reinforce the cultural identity of minority ethnic groups that live along the northern border of India.

Rom Whitaker is showing how India's disadvantaged tribal groups can develop environmentally sustainable livelihoods from generally wild animals. He's also educating the broader public to its environmental situation through animal parks and popular films.

Organization: Safai Karmachari Andolan

Bezwada Wilson is leading a nationwide movement to abolish the dehumanizing practices of manual toilet cleaning and scavenging in India. Bezwada and his organization, Safai Karmachari Andolan (SKA), have served as a watchdog, pushing for legal action to demolish dry toilets across India and preparing manual scavengers to achieve new sources of income. His goal is to detach manual scavenging...

Belinda Wright has pioneered innovative and trans-formative conservation strategies using state-of-the-art technology, meticulous documentation, collaborative partnerships, education, and visual arts media. Belinda approaches the criminal trade in wildlife by addressing not just the poaching industry but strategically concentrating on reducing the demand for animal parts rather than an...

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