Chethan M Gowda (age 16) started "Dream Teams"

Residence: Bangalore

Youth venturer since November 2016

Area of work: Health


The Problem

India faces a great shortage of blood donations, a shortage estimated at 1.1 million units. This results in many deaths each year, as people have no access to blood donations.


The Strategy

Chethan launched the Dream Teams NGO with a wide range of projects aimed at the development of India, working with around 50 others. He recently launched Khoon, and app that allows blood donors to register, and also allows people to make requests. Cooperating with BloodConnect, Chethan works with blood banks and voluntary donors to ensure that people can access the blood they need. The app also allows people to contact Dream Teams if they want to organise an awareness session or a blood donation camp. Dream Teams has itself organised blood donation camps at various places and collected over 300 pints of blood, enough to save 900 people’s lives. Through the app, Chethan has impacted thousands of people in need of blood donations.


The Person

Chethan personally experienced the devastating impact of a lack of available blood when his teacher died because she was unable to receive a blood donation. This motivated him to try and find a solution. He has named his project “Roshni” after the name of his teacher.


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