Divyank Tiwari (age 20) started "Wings: Umeedon Ko Pankh"

Residence: Gorakhpur

Youth venturer since November 2016

Area of work: Education


The Problem

Children in slums face a myriad of issues, including the difference in quality between government schools and private schools, awareness about RTE and admissions under RTE and child beggary.


The Strategy

Wings: Umeedon Ko Pankh addresses these issues in various manners. They organise regular classes by college student volunteers with the objective of providing quality education that supplements the curriculum. In addition, they introduce extracurricular activities along with studies to the students. In order to increase admission, the venture also provides complete assistance in filling the form and throughout the admission process under RTE.  They motivate parents through various awareness and counselling session to complete the admission of their child. Further, through a one week feeding campaign, they attract child beggars. A complete database of the children coming for food is maintained and verified, and the children are encouraged to recognise the value of education. To instil this value in future generations, female volunteers also educate girls on the brink of marriage (between the ages of 15-18). So far, 16 students have been admitted under RTE, the density of child beggars has decreased in the areas addressed, extracurricular activities have increased the confidence of the children, and charity drives have led to various clothes distribution events.


The Person

Divyank has managed to work with 200 people on improving the lives of children in these slum areas. He emphasises the need to build trust with the local community. This trust was rewarded recently when he succeeded in convincing the parents of a girl who had been sold to get her back.


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