F.A.Q. - Applying to Changemaker Day event

1. Who can apply?

The form can only be filled by the person in charge of decision making on behalf of the school. All schools are eligible to fill this form, however.

2. You are interested in the program but don’t know how to proceed.

The Changemaker Day program does not have any fixed outline. Our aim is to teach the students the 4 key skills of Empathy, Team Work, Creative Problem Solving and Collaborative Leadership. The means to conduct the day are left upon the school.  You can have a diverse range of activities, speakers, workshops etc, but the message of Changemaking must be prominently visible.

However, if you want any help regarding how to proceed, contact us and we’ll address your query as soon as possible.

3. When do I conduct the program?

You can conduct this program on any given school working day. The idea is to devote one full day to changemaking and help the students learn this new game.

4. Whom do I invite in this event?

You can invite the parents, faculty, and anyone as long as the essence of the program is not hampered. However, you can’t charge them any money for attending this program.

5. How will Ashoka help me in carrying out Changemaker Day?

While preparing for the Changemaker Day, if you want any assistance from Ashoka, please contact us at sroy@ashoka.org or yashveer@ashoka.org 

6. What is the selection process for the schools?

The process includes three stages:

Fill the online APPLICATION FORM
Internal vetting -performed by the internal Youth Venture team
In case the initial selection is successful, there will be a telephonic conversation with the Ashoka Youth Venture Staff.

Once you pass the three different stages successfully - you are in!