F.A.Q. - Applying to the Youth Venture Programme

Youth Venture programme - Ashoka India

Ashoka’s Youth Venture is an international community of young changemakers. It inspires and supports young people to launch and lead their own “Ventures” – community-benefiting initiatives, organizations and businesses. Youth Venture India is identifying, selecting and supporting Youth Venturers across India.


Who can apply?

Young people aged between 12 and 20 who:

  •  Have set up an existing social initiative
  • Are creating SOCIAL IMPACT among their communities
  • Have credible business plans
  • Exhibit changemaking skills: EMPATHY, CREATIVITY, LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK

What does the selection process include?

The process includes five stages:

  1. Fill the online APPLICATION FORM (the program may provide online forms translated in various languages)
  2. Internal vetting -performed by the internal Youth Venture team
  3. In case the initial selection is successful, you will participate in a 2-day SELECTION PANEL where you will have the opportunity to pitch your venture
  4. In case you pass the three different stages successfully - you are in!

What happens if I get selected to the programme?

Our Youth Venturers access 4 workshops spread throughout their 1st year of selection on weekends, receive tailor-made mentoring, become part of a global network of like-minded young changemakers and are exposed to public speaking and fundraising guidance to further develop their own Ventures.

What expenses does the programme reimburse?

The programme will cover the costs to reach Bangalore for the initial selection panel and to join the venue for the workshops, which usually take place in different locations, including accommodation (both lodging and meals) and transportation costs. 

How many people get selected?

Every 3 months Ashoka announces a new selection panel to nominate a new batch of youth venturers. Currently, Ashoka India has established a network of more than 60 young innovators coming from all over India.

How can the programme help me with logistics?

The Youth Venture Programme welcomes applications by young participants from all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. We understand that some may need to reach the venue with their parents. Therefore, the programme will help them with logistics. In addition, the programme may help with translation during the workshops.

What counts as a ‘social initiative’?

Our Youth Venturers have initiated a wide range of initiatives in different fields, from a car pooling app that helps limit traffic problems in Delhi, to a movement of youngsters committed to tackle water waste. What counts is not only the scale of the initiative, but also the innovative aspect as well as the project’s sustainability. Strong attention will be given to the profile and the candidate's ethical fiber. You can read more about selected youth venturers here.

When should I apply?

Applications and Nominations are invited round the year. We induct new cohorts every quarter. Deadlines for each Selection Panel will be notified on the Youth Venture page from time to time. Your application is generally reviewed for the upcoming Selection Panel. However, your application will be considered for consecutive cohorts if it had passed the initial screening.

I will turn 21 by the end of the year, can I still apply?

We do accept applicants who are 20 years old. However, you should not turn 21 by the time the selection panel starts.

We are part of an organization with multiple co-founders. Can we all apply to join the selection panel?

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications from max. 2 co-founders for each organization. However, in case the co-founders were elected as Youth Venturers, the other co-founders would be recognized for their work within the organization.

Can my project be part of a school project?

Yes, as long as you can show further commitment and sustainability of the project.

I was invited to the selection panel but I won’t be able to join. Will I be able to apply for the next one?

Yes, as long as you can supply an appropriate explanation for your absence.

When will the actual programme take place?

Workshops will take place in various locations throughout the year, starting soon after your acceptance to the programme.

What will increase my chances to get accepted?

A strong candidate is a young innovator who has already established an ongoing initiative, is impacting his/her community, and clearly demonstrates leadership and entrepreneurial skills. However, other abilities may be helpful throughout the selection process, such as the ability to pitch your idea, working with a strong team, having a large-scale and sustainable venture, strong ethical fiber, etc.  

I am interested. How can I apply?

Fill out the registration form available here: https://www.tfaforms.com/399018

If you have any questions, please contact yashveer@ashoka.org and sroy@ashoka.org.