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This profile below was prepared when Tripura Kashyap was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship in 1992.

Fellow Sketch

Tripura pioneered the idea of creative movement therapy in India to address the therapeutic needs of citizens. Since early 1990s, she has used existing Indian dance forms and other traditional physical forms like yoga to help children, adults and elderly facing several issues; visual impairment, schizophrenia, mental illness, regularly ensuring autism or Down syndrome.

 By researching and experimenting with variations of dance therapy, Tripura has built the efficacy of the ‘creative movement therapy’ for a wider audience with diverse therapeutic needs. Tripura has been spreading this knowledge by training private and citizen sector  organizations to not only learn this process, but also customize it for diverse audiences. She has trained and consulted with artists including Shiamak Dawar and Sumeet Nagdev who have in turn used it in their work with communities. For example,  Shiamak Dawar used dance therapy to address the emotional needs of HIV/AIDS children while working for the Committed Communities Development Trust, Mumbai. These workshops are creating a new league of trainers consequently improving access to the therapy. 

Tripura is also introducing this to unthought-of fields. Through a series of path-breaking workshops called “Dance in Education”, she introduced dance for teachers in classroom scenarios to teach maths, geography or history in 2009. Learning from the success of these training workshops, she recently formalised training programmes on creative movement therapy by creating an affiliation with the International Council for Dance, Paris which is the certifying authority.

Tripura recently started the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India along with a team of movement therapists and professionals. This network of dance therapists aims to make creative movement therapy accessible to the larger public and plans to start a center at one point.

This profile was updated in September 2014. Read on for the Election Profile.