Introducing Changemaker Education

Changemaker Schools
  • Why do we need Changemaker Schools in India?

54% of India’s population is below the age of 25. The Team Lease Indian Labor Report 2009 estimates that 300 million Indians (who are currently in the education system) will enter the labor force by 2025. 

When compared to other developing countries, Brazil’s working population is set to grow by 12%, China’s by 1%, Russia’s will decline by 18%, while India’s will grow by phenomenally by 30%. This is a unique opportunity to shape the country’s future. 
But in reality, the social challenges faced by young people in the modern workplace, and the shortcomings in the education system, threaten to convert this very potential demographic dividend into a challenge.
  • Why do we need to shift the education paradigm?

For the past many decades, our children have been developing skills geared towards the Industrial Age – producing workers for manual, repetitive jobs, performed within institutional hierarchies. However, today we are witnessing an unprecedented rate of change – where such hierarchies are being questioned at all levels, and old walls are tumbling down. To thrive in this world, it is becoming increasingly essential to solve problems empathetically, and work with collaboration and creative ways in the fluid and fast-changing environments.
  • Ashoka Changemaker Schools around the world

We already have over a 100 schools, across 10 countries in Western Europe, North America and Africa that are a part of this network. They are deeply benefiting through collaboration with other Changemaker schools, connections with our social entrepreneurs, young leaders, companies in the Ashoka community, as well as gaining immense media recognition for their ideas, vision and best practices.
  • What does a Changemaker School look like?

The videos below show examples of how schools in Ireland and Africa are working with the Changemaker Skill of Empathy. 

  • Ashoka Changemaker Schools in India

Over the next three years, Ashoka India aims to have 80 Changemaker schools in the global network. These schools (private, government or government-aided from any part of the country) are not only working to ensure all children get a Changemaker education but also sharing their practices with others and advocating for the need of such an education. 
If you would like to know more about the program or nominate a potential Changemaker school, please write to