Leaders and Co-Creators

Ashoka India is looking for entrepreneurs who can lead and/or co-create initiatives that will bring different players from the social and private sectors to work together and develop solutions to address some of India’s most urgent problems. These authors of change should possess passion, vision and energy to conceptualize, develop, and drive high-impact initiatives in India.

As leaders and/or co-creators, we want people who have a proven commitment to innovation and have a track record as entrepreneurial innovators with demonstrated leadership in the social or business sectors – people who have founded and grown a significant start-up in the business or social business sectors, anywhere around the world. We also want people who have strong client management and communication skills.

Who is an Ashoka Leader?  

David Green has worked with many organizations to make medical technology and healthcare services sustainable, affordable and accessible to all. He helped establish Aurolab in India, to produce affordable intraocular lenses, an organisation that now has 8% of the global market share. He has helped develop high-volume, quality eye care programs that are affordable to the poor and self-sustaining from user fees, including Aravind Eye Hospital in India - which performs 300,000 surgeries per year (70% of the care is provided free of charge or below-cost, yet the hospital is able to generate substantial surplus revenue). Within this paradigm of “humanizing capitalism”, David works as an Ashoka VP to create social investment instruments to support sustainable social enterprises (in eye care and solar energy).

If you are ready to address a major challenge in India by building an innovative solution with other high caliber global entrepreneurs, please get in touch with us at 'india@ashoka.org.'