LumStic: Ashoka's initiative to create "data as infrastructure" for social change



The Problem

Working with data brings about challenges both in terms of structure and quality. Data is often unreliable, inaccurate and not representative. Especially with respect to public big data, there is lot of effort spent on wafting through noise. Though machine learning and powerful algorithms are helping in prompting anomalies, it is important to start with a good, reliable data set if insights have to be meaningful. CSOs collecting data in traditional methods through paper and manual data entry lose lot of quality during transformation and transport. Disparate storage forms and formats make it untenable and unreliable for use. It gets into silos and restricts CSOs in sharing data among common interest groups. It is often difficult to synthesize or find last-mile data that is of high quality. Government data, especially in developing nations are often out-dated and incomplete. Citizen sector organizations need data that is in-context. Data with reliability and quality that can help in long term value creation.

Our Proposed Solution

As part of Ashoka‘s commitment to building infrastructure for the citizen sector, we are innovating solutions that provide opportunities for initiatives in social space to leverage “data”. Useful metrics will help organizations /Governments get insights and help them fund raise, implement social impact programs and measure its impact. Ashoka has envisioned “LumStic”, a product suite that help organizations/Governments enable positive societal change in a methodical way through a “data ecosystem”. The need for such a product suite has evolved based on Ashoka’s deep expertise in the citizen sector.

The Impact

  • Last-mile, authentic & high value data will help model social interventions.
  • Data in the hands of domain experts for context sensitive, apt solutions
  • Ability to discuss data with social entrepreneurs around the globe to improve the quality and scale of impact
  • Provision for enabling data quality at source with use of technology
  • Provision for enabling authenticity at source through geo-tagging
  • Supported by open source technology framework that enables transparency and extensibility

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