Meet the Participants of our Twitter Chat



Landmines continue to destroy millions of lives every year. Bart Weetjens (@BartWeetjens) has trained Giant Pouched Rats to effectively detect explosives in minute amounts. Bart’s cheaper, quicker, more scalable, yet efficient technology relies on the high olfactory sense of the African Giant Pouched rat that is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. Read his profile here>>>
Sunanda Mane (@lendahandindia) is bridging the gap between education imparted in secondary schools and real life skills required in rural India. By introducing trained local entrepreneurs into schools, Sunanda creates an environment where students are able to develop entrepreneurial skills. As a result of her work in over 60 government aided schools in rural Maharashtra over the last four years, absenteeism and drop-out rates have decreased significantly. Read her profile here>>>
‘Gbenga Sesan (@gbengasesan) is using information and communication technology (ICT) to increase the employability of young people that want to remain in the labor market and improve the probability of success for those who chose to become entrepreneurs. He is doing this by providing training in ICT skills and entrepreneurship, mentoring, and internship opportunities with established organizations—all while relying on idle or under-utilized resources within the community. Read his profile here>>>

Join us (@AshokaIndia) and Ashoka East Africa (AshokaEA) with these participants for a Twitter chat on February 16. We hope to see you there! More details here>>>