Sri Kumaran Children's Home

In a country like India where the educational system pushes children to be part of the never ending rat race, Sri Kumarans Children's home comes as a fresh breath of air that is trying to change that stereotype from within the system. Sri Kumarans Children's home is a school in the South of Bangalore with about 2600 students that mostly come from middle class families. Kumarans is one of the older group of schools (set up in 1952) in Bangalore and is setting a trend for other schools in the city to follow. The founder, Anasuya Devi, moved to Bangalore as a widow at 16 and two infants. The CBSE school is now run by her granddaughter Deepa Sridhar. The school is creating an environment to empower their children to think out of the box within the main stream education system and take charge of the social issues around them.


EACH alignment at school




Kumarans celebrates diversity in a way that gives every child the right to express what they are good at whether its writing, acting, singing, technology or environmentally friendly. A project titled “Understanding the Role of Ecological Environment in Learning Institutions” was initiated by a partner organization Reap Benefit (Ashoka Fellow Kuldeep Dantewadia’s organization). The broad aim of the research was undertaken to understand how students utilize these green spaces on campus, what elements they interact with, which of these they like to take back into the class, and how they felt it will affect their desires to read, write and be creative.




The SAP (Social Action Project) program for students is a good way to cultivate a holistic education. Each child chooses his/her own project, thus making the student the decision maker. For example, three grade 10 students went to a nearby government school and discussed the issues faced by the school with the school correspondent. One of the major issues was attendance. What immediately struck as the major reason behind this issue was the plain and uninteresting facade of the school. That’s when they decided to conduct a classical music concert to raise funds to paint the walls and beautify the entire government school. They followed it up with a small session with the children in the school on the importance of learning and questioning and how to nurture thoughts and dreams to which the students reciprocated delightfully. The surplus funds from the raiser was given to the school to further improve its amenities and infrastructure




The school defines its culture as cosmopolitan, vibrant, encouraging and supportive. This is the reason why so many of their children have started so many initiatives. The school claims that about 60% of their students have initiated something and when we asked the students why, they said that it was because all their peers were doing something so they thought they could also start their own project to solve a social problem




Sri Kumarans Childrens home has been working to create systems for the well-being of their teachers, students and parents. The school conducts a well-being workshop where they speak about the challenges they face as teachers as well as how they can help grow as individuals. The school also works on conducting a regular detailed feedback from their parents and work with them to be co-creaters of the school.




Sri Kumarans Childrens Home ranks as one of the top 5 CBSE schools in the country and is setting a trend for other conventional schools in the country.  The Change leader, Deepa Sridhar is one of the most respected principals in Bangalore and chairs the Sahodaya community which is a community of all CBSE schools (120 schools) in Bangalore. Since the students at Kumarans are so entrepreneurial and are conscious about making change in their communities, they are the strongest points of influence is through their students.

The Change leader is the principal of the school, Deepa Sridhar. Deepa grew up with strong women figures in her house who had a passion for teaching and education. Kumarans is a chain of schools started by Deepa’s grandmother Anasuya Deviand in 1995, Deepa was given the opportunity to start the CBSE school which started with 120 children and now has about 2600 children. Deepa is a very empowering school leader and gives her team and the students the freedom to express their creativity.

The Kumarans Change Team consists of 27 members which has the most representation from the students (9 students). They would like to concentrate on taking their learnings outside the boundaries of the school as well as break down how they are creating an environment around changemaking so it can be replicated in other environments.

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