Fellows by Category

Organization: Bhumi Hukka Andolan

John Abraham is leading the rural poor in Maharashtra to occupy and stake a formal claim on unused government land, with potential legal, economic, and political implications nationwide.

Ramesh is bringing valuable, affordable and high quality houses to the most disadvantaged rural areas through an inclusive process of empowering rural communities and an innovative microfinance system adjusted to building houses. In addition, he is improving their life conditions through creating awareness around the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation. To keep the program affordable...

Organization: Sahadja Samrudha

Krishna Prasad is plugging the increasing demand for organic seeds in India, by commercializing organic seeds through an organic seed company that will be owned and managed by farmers. Krishna is creating a new market for organic farming in India by leveraging the knowledge and networks of existing farmers to revive and maintain traditional varieties of seeds and commercialize organic seeds....

Organization: SEED Foundation

Ravindra Shetye is connecting middle-class investors and poor agricultural workers in an innovative plan to turn derelict, uncultivable land into profitable commercial farms.

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