Fellows by Category

Organization: Rationing Kruti Samiti

Leena Joshi is creating a broad-based movement, led primarily by marginalized women, to reform the Indian government's centralized food subsidy system. She is seeking policy changes that will reduce corruption, make the system accountable to its beneficiaries, and result in more equitable and transparent food distribution.

Organization: People's Drug Information Center (PDIC)

Consumer health advocate Anil Pilgaonkar is working to ensure that Indian consumers have access to practical, unbiased, medically sound information about the drugs they are asked to take that will allow them to assess the need, proper use, possible risks or side effects, and fair costs of the myriad formulations available.

Organization: Consumers Action & Network Society

In order to spread consumer awareness to rural areas, Anant Sharma plans to train and create a network of 1,000 local consumer consultants/activists in the villages and small towns of Rajasthan who will make it their profession to help consumers get their complaints resolved through consumer or legal action.

Organization: Ekgaon Technologies

Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya and his social enterprise, Ekgaon Technologies, are creating technology platform’s to provide financial, health, and agriculture services to rural customers. As more and more companies compete for the “bottom of the pyramid” markets in rural India, Vijay’s technological solutions force private companies to compete fairly and offer better services to their rural...

Organization: LOCOST, Shishu Milap, Sahaj

Srinivasan is demonstrating how to get affordable medicines to India's hundreds of millions of citizens who cannot pay the current commercial prices.

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