Fellows by Category

Organization: MARG (Multiple Action Research Group)

Roma Malik has worked closely with forest tribes, local authorities, and the judicial system to design a forest governance model for her native India. She is ensuring that the marginalised forest tribes often neglected by the State are included in the policy-making process, and that they benefit from pending legislation. Her work is significant at a time of rapid privatisation of forest land...

Organization: Ibrahimpatnam Vyavasaya Coolie Sangham

Gita Ramaswamy, working in the deeply troubled south central India state of Andhra Pradesh, is showing systematically how it is possible to help the rural landless poor assert their constitutional and legal rights successfully, without tearing society apart.

Organization: KRAPAVIS

Aman Singh is improving the livelihoods of rural Indians by reviving a tradition of community-managed forests that both protects the access rights of the poor and safeguards the natural resources of the community.

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