Fellows by Category

Organization: Draco Films

On the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Harry Andrews is developing the first national park in India to include local people as full partners in multifaceted conservation efforts that address sustainability for both natural resources and the economic activity of local populations.

Organization: KALA RAKSHA

Judy Frater believes that the traditional craftsperson is the best designer to make the work of the craftsperson economically viable to consumers and a larger market. Through practical and relevant education on technology and marketing, Judy is building the expertise of the craftsperson to make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the craft tradition.

Organization: GOADESC

In Goa, an international tourist hotspot, Roland Martins is training small service providers in the tourism industry to organize trade associations to ensure that tourism revenues filter back into the local economy. He is also forging alliances among small service providers, the middle classes of Goa, and local governments to spur a citizens' movement that will promote responsible tourism.

Organization: Heritage Initiative - Nehru Foundation for Development

Debashish is developing a people's movement to preserve and restore the rich architectural heritage of India's widely varying neighborhoods. By helping people see what they have and then organize to protect it, he's triggering the civic pride and organization that are the prerequisites to reversing urban decay.

Organization: The Adventurers

S.L.N. Swamy (India 1996) has established an environmental education program that is giving rise to a population of urban Indians committed to conserving the endangered rainforests. At the same time, he has created economic incentives for the forest's tribal inhabitants to preserve their ecological heritage.

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