Fellows by Category

Organization: Institute of Road Traffic Education

Rohit Baluja is training drivers, engineers, traffic police, and all who use Indian roads to develop a positive "road culture." By defining good road use, writing training manuals, inventing law enforcement tools, and reinventing driver education, Rohit is working to make the streets safer, and saner.

Organization: Sukhad Yatra Foundation

By redesigning truck terminals into modern well-equipped centers that cater to the needs, rights, and safety of the drivers, Nirupama Sekhri is systematizing India's trucking industry.

Organization: Save Life Foundation

Piyush Tewari is creating a volunteer-based citizen emergency response system to road accidents that is geared toward saving lives. By creating an enabling legal environment, Piyush is breaking down citizens’ prejudices and apathy to enable them to proactively save lives; and works with police and hospitals to form an effective “chain of survival.” 

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