Fellows by Category

Organization: Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology

Indrani Chakravarty is designing the first institute in India to combine research with practical work and care for the elderly. The project not only will provide necessary services to the elderly in Calcutta, but also could eventually draw necessary attention to the plight of the eighty million elderly in all of India.

Organization: Institute of Palliative Medicine

In response to a growing demand for palliative care, Dr. Suresh Kumar sees the need for healthcare to go beyond standard institutions and medical facilities. He has designed a volunteer-led care system that provides an alternative to the rigid and ineffective medical institutions of the region. Dr. Kumar’s approach moves services from institutions and hospitals to neighborhoods and homes in...

Organization: Dignity Foundation

Throughout India, Sheilu Srinivasan is mobilizing "dignitarians" (men and women over 50) in a movement to provide opportunities and life-enrichment services that enable senior citizens to lead productive and rewarding lives.

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