Fellows by Category

Anil Agarwal is raising public consciousness of environmental issues through publications in order to create a sensible development policy.

Organization: Satark Nagrik Sangathan

Anjali is creating the first centralized and publicly available accountability metrics for legislators in India. In collecting and organizing information on government performance she is redefining the way that people interact with their representatives by giving them the platform from which to advocate for change within their own constituencies. As more citizens gain access to information...

While the shortcomings in education are a national concern, school is still the experience that children throughout India share, and Lisa Heydlauff aims to help them all discover what it is like for each of them. She is leading a big multimedia campaign that sparkles with positive images—success stories of “going to school” from 25 different parts of the country. Going to School’s message is...

Ashok Row Kavi is providing a formal platform for gays and lesbians–a group left out of mainstream life in socially conservative India–to claim their place in political and social arenas. Ashok encourages gays and lesbians to become proactively involved in public life and institutions through media, advocacy, cooperation and community-building.

Organization: Planet Read, Bookbox, SLS

Brij Kothari has leveraged the ubiquitous presence of television in rural India and the billion-strong Indian population’s voracious appetite for film songs to infuse reading practice into entertainment. By creating a technological tool devoid of any major infrastructural inputs and hence easily replicable, Brij has demonstrated a model that can spread globally.

Organization: Video Volunteers

English and Hindi dailies in India do not have the resources and mechanisms to be able to source stories from rural and marginalized areas. As a result, they devote only 2 percent of their total coverage to rural issues. By building a pan-India network of professionally trained citizen video-correspondents drawn from the poorest and marginalized communities, Jessica Mayberry is creating the...

The traditional approach to tackle the problem of gender based discrimination has been to support women directly through various strategies of women’s empowerment, but Will believes that this strategy is incomplete as it fails to systematically engage adolescent boys and men, who he sees to be as critical stakeholders in the process of change.

Organization: Adike Pathrike

By putting pens and paper in the hands of Indian farmers, Shree Krishna Padre is building a field of grassroots agricultural journalism that puts farming information into the language of farmers.

Shivram Pailoor is expanding the agricultural community by bringing together everyone working in the sector and enabling a more relevant dialogue among them through the effective use of technological enhancement to combat threats like globalization.

Organization: TARU-The Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd.

Aromar Revi is producing a comprehensive report and a film series on the state of and possible policies for human settlements/housing in India that will serve as usable yardsticks and frames of reference for policy-makers, activists and the public local as well as national.

Journalist Palagummi Sainath is showing India's commercial media how to report accurately about "poor India" in a way that both engages its primarily urban market and informs government decision making.

Organization: SANHITA

Soma Sengupta is devising ways to meet the need for information sharing among mass based organizations and activists in the women's human rights movement in India. She is setting up a national gender information and communications bureau that collects and redistributes information in new, customized ways that enable those within the movement to use it as a basis for action.

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