Fellows by Category

Organization: Navayana

S. Anand wants to change the way India’s mainstream media portray caste, a fundamental social institution, but one whose inherent injustice is seldom challenged or even discussed in public. His goal is to build consensus that caste must be abolished.

Organization: Hippocampus

Umesh Malhotra’s vision is to inspire children to read more and improve their ability to absorb their education. His believes encouraging reading among, especially young children, will result in better learning throughout a child’s education. His approach is novel in crafting unique solutions for different socioeconomic classes to ensure that all children have the resources to become better...

Organization: Avanti Fellows

To ensure students from low-income households have realistic access to higher education, Akshay Saxena is creating an affordable alternative to the expensive tuition classes that currently serve as a threshold for students to pass their college entrance exams. His approach relies heavily on social workers who facilitate the classroom while structuring learning through peer education. 

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