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Bhargavi Davar aims to restore the dignity and autonomy of persons with mental illness by reforming outdated laws and failed institutions, and by establishing centers that prove the healing power of self-reliance and community support.

Organization: The Banyan

Vandana Gopikumar has successfully demonstrated that one can develop treatment, care and rehabilitation strategies for mentally ill homeless women, using the community care approach, both in urban and rural areas. Vandana’s model has been widely and independently replicated, and has laid the foundations for her endeavours in building a cadre of non-specialized mental health work force to...

Organization: Altruist

Milesh Hamlai is creating a new system of community-based rehabilitation for the mentally ill, by employing religious faith healers as the key influencers in communities to access psychiatric services for them. 

Organization: Animal Angels

Minal Lonkar-Kavishwar, an energetic and creative psychologist, is introducing animal-assisted therapy in India to increase emotional and mental health. She is unlocking latent capacities for communication and empathy by combining the qualities of a therapist and trained animal, during interaction with clients.

Organization: Anjali

A trained psychologist and mental health activist, Ratnaboli Ray is working to transform India's state mental institutions, which are little more than holding cells, into centers of modern, high-quality professional care. She also wants to create a system for reintegrating released patients into their home communities.

Organization: Action For Mental Illness
Organization: The Red Door

Reshma is providing the early voice and leadership for persons living with mental illness to speak and advocate for their own rights. She is building a global community of people, both those living with and without mental illness, who are committed to this idea of self-advocacy and can become a powerful voice to respond to issues of stigma and injustice.

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