Fellows by Category

Organization: Satark Nagrik Sangathan

Anjali is creating the first centralized and publicly available accountability metrics for legislators in India. In collecting and organizing information on government performance she is redefining the way that people interact with their representatives by giving them the platform from which to advocate for change within their own constituencies. As more citizens gain access to information...

Ishita Chaudhry is ridding Indian society of the deeply held premise that youth should have little or no say in matters of policy or implementation of ideas that directly impact their lives. Ishita’s organization, The Youth Parliament Foundation (TYPF), strengthens youth-led movements in India by creating opportunities for them to engage with social change and transform an adult-dominated...

Organization: Eleutheros Christian Society, Mission Compound

Chingmak Kejong combines modern values and traditional governance to involve all sectors of society in the process of democratization in Northeast India.

Organization: Parivartan

Arvind Kejriwal uses a new state law to fight corruption in India, training ordinary citizens to secure transparency and accountability at all levels of government.

C.V. Madhukar is changing citizens’ roles in Indian democracy by opening the process of lawmaking to greater public engagement and scrutiny. He provides citizen organizations, lawmakers, and the general public with vital information about policy issues, and creates forums for these groups to communicate with each other.

Noorjehan is organizing Muslim women in India for the first time to collectively overcome sociocultural limitations that prevent them from exercising their citizenship. By using rights of women under personal laws as a reference point, she is creating a national platform for women to play a critical role in influencing their future.

Organization: Nirant, Juhu

To transform Indian schools from being perpetrators of bias and prejudice to becoming fighters for justice and equality, Teesta Setalvad has launched the country's first educational curriculum to help children engage with various contemporary human rights and social issues in the classroom.

Organization: Democracy Connect

Nidhi Prabha Tewari is transforming the political process in India from a patronage system to one that emphasizes policy issues and meritocratic advancement. By focusing on youth wings of national political parties, Nidhi trains the next generation of political leaders in a new type of politics, and puts pressure on current members of parliament to reform as well. In changing the manner of...

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