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Organization: Childline India Foundation

Jeroo Billimoria launched Childline, the country's first attempt at making street children's quick access to supports, such as police assistance and health care, as easy as dialing a number. Manned by street children themselves, Childline combines 24-hour emergency telephone services with follow-up support to alleviate their distress.

Organization: Gyan Shala

Pankaj Jain is providing high-quality, low-cost education to children in slums and poor urban areas by re-engineering the role of the teacher. By dividing this role into three parts that require different skill levels, Pankaj has created new job opportunities and increased educational outcomes.

Organization: Goodwill International Association

Alphonso Jemonie has worked with hundreds of young rag pickers, giving them a place to assemble and a place to take classes to prepare them for employment. Having survived as an unskilled, unemployed youth himself, Alphonso wants to show the way for others.

Organization: Ruchika Social Service Organization

Inderjit Khurana , by chalking off a bit of railway platform, has created India's burgeoning "platform schools" to serve the street children who live or work nearby.

Organization: Dream Catchers Foundation

Sonali Ojha is empowering street children to create and sustain a vision of the future through an innovative and participatory curriculum that will help them to leave the street behind and build successful lives. By training organizations working with street children nationally and internationally in this new curriculum, she wants to add wholeness of spirit and emotion to the list of "basic...

Organization: Butterflies

Rita Panicker helps India's street and working children to lobby for their rights and launch their own self-help organizations. She has also organized India's first trade union of child workers-the Bal Mazdoor Union.

Deep Purokayastha is working for the protection and care of India’s impoverished itinerant railway children by involving the state-run Railway Police Force in a leading, proactive role, while at the same time engaging civil society and the children themselves in this effort.

Anselm Rosario has been working with runaway or abandoned street-dwelling children who survive as scavengers in the South Indian city of Bangalore since the mid-1980s. He is developing and demonstrating non-institutional ways of helping them adjust and grow by working with individual youngsters at the micro level, by encouraging cross-agency collaboration, and by developing new recycling...

Organization: Bodh Shiksha Samiti

Yogendra is demonstrating that even among communities deprived of basic rights and resources children can and should receive a high quality primary education, characterized by autonomous teachers and child-centered classes. Having refined an alternative educational program for children in slums, he is grafting it onto the formal state school system and forming a partnership with the government...

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