Unreasonable Marketplace: YOU Decide Who Gets In

Today, the Unreasonable Institute - an accelerator for social entrepreneurs and their ventures - selected 50 finalists to participate in their 2011 workshop. Over 300 innovators from 60 countries applied to participate as an Unreasonable Fellow this year, and to make it as one of the 25 participants they must raise the $8,000 it costs to attend. That's right - the finalists are not allowed to pay to attend. What's more, there is a cap on the amount any one supporter can contribute to a Finalist each week. This means finalists must mobilize the support of hundreds of people around the world before they can participate in the 2011 institute.

The pay-off is huge. The first 25 finalists to raise the $8,000 get the opportunity to work with 60-world class mentors, form relationships with 30 impact investment funds, learn from consulting organizations like IDEO, pitch to hundreds of investors, and get 6-weeks of food and lodging without having to pay a dime.

So what are you waiting for? Support some of the world's most unreasonable entrepreneurs!

We suggest a couple of Ashoka Fellows that have just been named to this group of finalists:

Also, consider a Young Champion of Maternal Health who has been working with Ashoka Fellow Rebecca Onie:

Learn more and get involved at the Unreasonable Marketplace.