Welcoming new Fellows into the Ashoka family in Mumbai!

At the end of this month, Ashoka India is hosting an Induction event to formally welcome our newest batch of Fellows into the fold. In their own ways, each of these 22 entrepreneurs are tackling some aspect of India's broken development narrative. In addition to the Induction, we're hosting sectoral roundtable discussions on the five sectors that these new fellows come from (Please find attached). The idea behind holding these discussions is to provide a rounded perspective on what are the major trends in the sector and how can challenges be solved by treating them form different perspectives. We are inviting select government officials, foundations, business entrepreneurs and other thought leaders to this discussion. 

We look forward to engaging with all of you!


To read more about the Fellows that are being inducted this year, do go through the profiles below:

Shashank Kumar- Farms n Farmers

Shashank believes it is essential to intervene at the crop planning stage to maximize profits for farmers. Through market driven interventions he is creating unique end-to-end value based solutions that increase their incomes.

Partap Chauhan, Jiva

Dr. Chauhan is broadening access to healthcare services by introducing India’s first Ayurvedic telemedicine service. 

Milesh Hamlai, The Altruist

Milesh engages heads of religious institutions to recognize, diagnose and treat mental health disorders to provide care to those most in need. 

Zeena Johar Sugha Vazhvu

Zeena is creating India’s first primary care system that can be viable and economically sustainable. She is demonstrating solutions to the core problems of the system: talent, infrastructure and finance.

Vivek Gilani, No2Co2

Vivek spurs ‘individual’ accountability through a range of creative tools and standards. This helps citizens and institutions measure their environmental impact and make informed choices about their consumption.

Shubhendu Sharma, AFFOREST

Shubhendu is changing the framework of urban landscaping and afforestation by influencing key groups to adopt methods that optimally use land to increase green cover.

Kuldeep Dantewadia, Reap Benefit

Kuldeep is creating an environmentally aware generation using gamification and participatory approaches. He takes children through a cycle of ‘why’ (a problem exists), ‘how’ (to create a solution) and ‘what’ (needs to be done), to instills empathy and problem-solving skills. 

Dr. GNS Reddy, Akshayakalpa

Dr. Reddy is creating self-sustained automated dairy farms that not only increase the income of farmers, but also empower them to meet their needs for organic fertilizer and clean energy.

Sanjeev Kumar, The Goat Trust

Sanjeev Kumar is empowering the poorest women by making them key drivers of the entire value chain of small livestock husbandry, from rearing and medical care to sale at the market.

Piyush Tewari, Save Life

To reduce fatalities in road accidents, Piyush is creating an emergency response system that places citizens at the forefront and connects them to the police, ambulances and hospitals. 

Mittal Patel, Vicharta Samuday Samarthan Manch

Mittal is working in over 1,000 different denotified tribal (DNT) settlements to legitimize them not just as active citizens- accessing land, education and livelihoods, but also as leaders.

Gaurav Singh, 3.2.1. Education

Gaurav is proving that it is possible for students from low-income families to get high quality education by using the existing infrastructure and budgets of the public school system. 

Akshay Saxena - Avanti Fellows

Akshay is leveling the playing field for students from low-income households to access higher education, by creating an affordable alternative to expensive tuition classes.

Kabir Vajpayei, Vinyas

Kabir is making the physical infrastructure in schools more conducive to child development. He has created an effective delivery mechanism that brings teachers, architects and engineers to spread the idea in rural government schools. 

Pankaj Jain Gyanshala

Pankaj is providing high-quality and low-cost education to children in slums and poor urban areas at a large scale by rethinking the roles of teachers to optimally utilize their skills.

Ketan Deshpande, FUEL

Ketan is enabling rural youth to have successful careers through a support system that bridges the information gap, helps them acquire skills and influences policies. 

Shivani Siroya, InVenture

Shivani developing real-time credit scores that helps lenders better estimate micro-borrowers’ creditworthiness and lend at favourable terms.