Full Economic Citizenship

Full Economic Citizenship

Full Economic Citizenship (FEC) is one of Ashoka's global initiatives striving to enable an environment where every citizen has the opportunity and the capacity to exercise his or her economic, social and cultural rights. To achieve FEC, a citizen must at a minimum have access to the essential products and services – food, water, housing, energy, health, education, financial – required to enable their activity as a consumer, producer and holder of assets. Through system change innovations, Ashoka's FEC initiative seeks to end the exclusion of two-thirds of the world's population from global markets and to catalyze government, business and CSO actions that will create the enabling conditions for everyone to exercise Full Economic Citizenship.

"Ashoka's goal is for every individual to have the ability and choice to play a role in local and global economies, as consumers, producers and creators of wealth."

Hybrid Value Chain (HVC)

Hybrid Value Chain (HVC) is a new operating framework for transforming markets by leveraging the strengths of business and social actors. HVCs spread across the economic spectrum and represent a systemic change in the way business and CSOs interact. They are collaborations that redefine value in game-changing ways, with each side clearly understanding (and willingly accepting) the risks and rewards. 

FEC in India

Housing for All (HFA) India is currently leading four market-based models that provide home improvement and new homes services at quality and affordable prices. To better foster affordable home projects, HFA India has conducted a consumer-based study to thoroughly understand India's housing landscape in terms of demand and consumer behavior patterns.

Healthcare for all : Ashoka incubated Healthpoint Services, a social enterprise which launched in India in July of 2008. The co-founder of Healthpoint Services, Al Hammond, is also the director of Healthcare for All initiative at Ashoka. Working with Amit Jain, the  CEO of Healthpoint Services India, Ashoka has played a key role in launching a radical model for transforming the rural healthcare sector.

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To learn more about the Housing for All program, do read go through the details of the program in greater depth in the information pack. In addition, the "Access to Housing at the Base of the Pyramid" case study was done by Ashoka and Hystra in 2011 about housing models across the world and also offers a good insight into the market space.

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